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IDGod† AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, KY, MD, MS, NH, OH, OH (OLD), OK, PA, RI, SC, WV 3 weeks $100+
King_Forge FL, NC (OLD), NC (OLD) [U21] 2 weeks $100+
MisterReplicator IL, SECONDARIES 2 weeks $150+
TedDanzig OH, OH (OLD) 1 week $200+
New-IDs† AZ (OLD), DE, FL, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, NC (OLD), NJ, PA, RI, SC, WA 3 weeks $150+
KOF NY (OLD), NY (OLD) [U21], OR, OR (U21) 3 weeks $90+
CardSyndicate† AB, CT, FL, IL, NJ, OH (OLD), ON, QC 2 weeks $150+
BlockbusterFakes FL, NJ, OH (OLD), RI 1 week $135+
FakeYourDrank WA 3 weeks $100+
NewAgeIDs CO, CT, FL, IL, MD, MI (OLD), NJ, OH (OLD), PA , RI, TN (OLD) 1 week $120+
Club21IDs IL, NC (OLD), OH (OLD), PA, RI 2 weeks $120+
NoveltyUKID† UK PASS Card 2 weeks £40+
ParallaxIDs DE, IL, NC (OLD), NJ, RI 1 week $100+
21now VT 3 weeks $125+
scannablefakeIDs† IN, ME, NY 3 weeks $120+
AussieFakeID† NSW 3 weeks $120+
donjonfakes TX, TX (U21), UT 2 weeks $100+
FakeIDAustralia† VIC 2 weeks $200+
BarFun MO 3 weeks $150+
LemonFakes DE, FL, IL, MN, NC (OLD), NJ, NY (OLD), SC 3 weeks $50+
UKFakes† UK (OLD) 2 weeks £60+
ProfessorPlastic MD, MS 1 week $100+
Mr. n Mrs. Forge IL, NC (OLD) 2 weeks $75+
HouseofFakes† KY 2 weeks $80+
21ID† NC (OLD) 2 weeks $50+
CollegeDropoutIDs NC (OLD), SECONDARIES 2 weeks $65

5thfloordmv FL, ME, TN YES 1 week $100+
Beyond_Fake CT, DE, FL, IL, MD, NJ, PA, RI, SECONDARIES YES 1 week $150+
DiscountID NJ YES 2 weeks $50+
IDMastermind CA, IL YES 1 week $50+
MaineIDs† ME, TN, TN (U21), WA YES 2 weeks $50+
NoveltyIDinc NJ YES 1 week $85+
OTCIDs SC, SC (U21) NO 2 weeks $70+
PriorityFakes MN YES 2 week $25
4starfakes MD, PA, RI NO 2 weeks $80+
FakeIDentities OH (OLD) NO 1 week $40+
IDocu IL, MD NO 2 weeks $50+
jerryleeid CT, IL, NC (OLD) NO 1 week $50+
scidguy123 SC NO 2 weeks $80+
PseudoMario DE, ME, TN (OLD) WA NO 2 Weeks $50+
TemplatesNFakes NY NO 1 Week $150+
OneStopIDShop FL, IL, NC, OH (OLD), OH, PA, SC NO N/A $30+
American_IDs IL, OH, PA, SC NO N/A $50+
SolusID IL, NC (OLD) NO 2 weeks $20+
CaliforniaIDMAN CA NO N/A $150+
RGFakes CO, NY(OLD) NO N/A $100+

All This websites belongs to the scammers and You cannot Trust Them. beware of all this sites, they are all controlled by one scammer.

CHFake is also a scam. Sent in $150 and never got them. It's been 4 months.

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