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1 This is someone scammed by 2 'hackers' from
You can read the original article here:

Hacker For Hire Review | Neighborhoodhacker hacker for hire service,, neighborhoodhacker, Hacker For Hire Review & Are Frauds Denver Internet

I am only writing this, because I have been ripped off by 2 of these Hacker – For – Hire services and the fake website.

I am providing screen shots and proof, attach to this report.

When I was looking for a hacking services are saw this website called  I read detailed descriptions and ratings on most of all of the hacker for hire services listed in a Google search.
The only service with the highest rating was  They had 4.5 out of 5 stars.  They had over 40 reviews and all of them were positives.  So I decided to go with them.
When I received bad services from (see the section below for the details) I decided to write a bad review about them. I notice that when I went to write the review, it was not really a rating system.  You have to click “contact me” where you enter your name, email address, subject and message.  This is odd since all the reviews have stars next to them. (look at the pictures attach).  This is not like posting on Google+ or Yelp where you can truly rate a business.  You are entering a message to stranger and he decided on how many stars it would give each company. 

In fact if you look at the “look and feel” (see attach) of the reviews of and the “look and feel” of the other companies, it is totally different.
I did give a bad review on and it never showed up.  I found that strange.  They have 40+ reviews and not one negative review.   Then it hit me.  Who would benefit for having a hacker for hire review service, except the person with the highest reviews and that would be So I did a domain check on both and (see pics attach for proof). I see that was started May 4, 2012 (although they said they have been in business for over 10 years) and was started April 1, 2013.
Problem is that the 1st rating for on the site was on April 2, 2013.  That means the very next day the domain name was registered, the website was built and a customer posted a good review about neighborhood hackers.  That would be impossible, the website was not even index in Google the fast. Domain started April 1, 2013 and the first review was April 2nd.

Here is some background information that I found about and

Domain check


They are hiring on elance:

2 someone got scammed i think
 Read the article here:

 Another scam site.  They take your money and give no service, no follow up, All they "Hack" is your money!

3 Neighborhood hackers NHH Neighborhood hackers is a scam company who took my money and did absolutely nothing.
Read the article here:

Do not use this company! They claim I be hackers but they just take your money and string you along with periodic emails that say they are working on it. For 6 weeks they did this to me. when I complained I only got told their refund policy is strict. I imagine their policy has I be strict since most of their customers ask for refunds because they do not product results. Nothing. Not even A little proof they did what they were hired for.  This is a page only with scammed people. You must see this! You believe me know?


They are a complete scam and provided nothing. What company does this? There are multiple complaints and if the company was legitimate they would offer a refund when absolutely nothing is provided. On a crooked person would keep the money. I tried disputing the charge and they contested it and won! All because they say it is in their terms of service. I'm getting the attorney general's office involved.


biggest scammers possible,i wanted my page back which was hacked by an ameture ,paid 280 dollars,and they didn't do jack for me,the case manager stan banner stopped replying,after that no one ever,replied,maddison thomas or amber or whoever they are,they are running a scam,plz don't pay them anything .

This company is a total scam 

The project manager was nice and sincere in the beginning.He explained the details of the package and how they work.The company looked like a real deal at first.But things have gone downhill after the payment is made.
The company charged me the first phase of attempt $325.After a week,they want to upgrade me to a different package due to the complexity of my project.The project manage seemed to disappear from the face of the earth after the transaction was made.I have sent many emails to him.He didn't bother to take 5-10 minutes to write me back???
After 2-3 weeks,the manager finally got back to me.He told me he is working on my project.But there isn't any proof!!!!
They cut off contact after the transaction was made.

Disgusting filthy Liars

Contacted them, very wary, was explained I could either buy the guide of 'how to', or pay a deposit. I questioned, is it different price for lets say a gmail to just the fb account. No reply. I paid the deposit, ($325) and was given a form to fill out, with any info I could provide on said target. Again, I still did not know what they were going to attempt gmail? or fb? On receipt of payment (a day later), I was informed 'they got in'... to pay the remainder cost (another $325). Of course red flags went up.. if they 'got in'... where was the proof? Wouldn't a clear screen shot have proved it? So this is where I struggled with my conscience. My head was red flagging, my heart.. wanting to believe so badly that I could get into target's social media, I went ahead and forwarded another payment. I received an email hours later with a password that in no way would my target have used. It seemed absurd. and I was given no indication on what it opened... and no reply. So I tried gmail/didnt work, I tried yahoo/didnt work, and I tried fb/didnt work... my heart sunk... just knowing what my head had warned me earlier was true. I contacted them and said 'its not working????", my case manager said 'we are trying again, hold on'.... ?? And there you have it folks.. now for the fun conclusion... I contacted them for WEEKS... requesting at least the 2nd payment refunded. Finally, I received an email letting me know that my case manager no longer worked there (oh... right...), and I will be given a new one. I received an email from my new case manager, saying, she will go through my case. To give her two weeks to sort it out.. I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. TWO MONTHS went by, with me writing daily asking how long did it take for someone to read through my emails with the last case manager, to figure out.. I was duped, and should get my money back. She never ever contacted me again. I contacted live chat for weeks, nothing. When I finally threatened, I got one email saying they will review me for a refund. Of course they came back to me saying some made up absolute crap and that I was not getting a refund. I have all the emails still. I even went to put in a bad review... only to find out, the guy who reviews them.. must work for them, as he went through my emails and sided with them, ie... I must have tried the wrong social media.. that is what they were trying to say.... after I attempted the password within seconds of them giving it to me... They tried to say it was for fb, but I had wrongly used it for yahoo... Let's just say it was a correct retrieved password (coff coff), had the target realised someone had got in, and been alerted, they would have CHANGED their password, and when I went to use the 'old' one.. it would have come up with THIS PASSWORD HAS RECENTLY BEEN CHANGED.... I told them, how do you explain that... never heard from them again.... Thank you for allowing me to finally review without being stifled. ps. this is the short version.. this was a six month ordeal

dont reply with ur automated crappy sorries

and f--k off anita... your not sorry.. i contacted review and they made up lies! After 6 months ,my order number had expired.. so they tried to say I wasn't a client.. Just bullshit after bullshit!!! I sent all my emails.. your just a rip off scam... i asked for proof u got in, nothing. fact: if you put a recently changed p/w into fb it comes up this password was recently changed.. PROVING THAT YOU NEVER HAD THE PASSWORD IN THE FIRSTPLACE.. cos only 2 scenarios.. it would have got me in... or.. come up this p/w has been recently changed.. seeing you supposedly 'got in'... four hours before I paid.

they scammed the wrong person this timw

these guys are total fakes and how rude they do it even makes it hard to swallow total lack of professionalism there is...I am very glad I have a location on them now Im gonna go meet them on there world bash it in with my ...well u get it..i wanted a simple phone number they comeback saying cant get login info I don't want logon I need a damn number all they have to do is a little homework. but they don't its a damn scam, but like said they screwed with this one


Please take into consideration that those Hackers for Hire are a total online ripoff ,  you can find those scammers on the following website :

Hacker for hire services. Hire a hacker and let us Hack your Hacker! Professional online hacker forhire.

They will charge you hundreds of dollars and will never , ever deliver you the services you requested .

Beware of this scam artists , they will take your good money and never help you .

We lost $ 5000 USD with them .

I was looking to "hire a hacker" to show proof that my ex-employee hacked into my email and emailed all my customers. Google Hacker For Hire and I saw a hacker for hire review website come up.

I notice all the great reviews about, I tried them out because their website looked more professional. They charged me a $250 fee to just speak to them. They told me they could help me. After I paid them, they stop taking my calls. I did get an email stating my case worker Charles Tendell was working on a murder case and had to put my project on hold. That was 5 months ago.

To this day I never have heard from them again. I tried to write a bad review about and they never posted it.

I realized that and is the same people. They are just trying to bad mouth their competition. 

Stay Away From Both Of Them!~

Why neighborhoodhackers are a scam

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