ndavidaguilar@yahoo.com is a scammer

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ndavidaguilar@yahoo.com is a big scammer, i paid him 5000 for a UK Passport and he just took my money and never replied back. i tried sending him emails and no respond, also called him and he switched off his phone. do not trust him and do not contact him. he is a scam

I was a big fool to trust someone i met online and i will advice you all not to trust anyone online mostly guys in europe, africa, usa, canada, china and malaysia. they are all full of african scammers and east european scammers. this guy ndavidaguilar@yahoo.com stole my £5000 and now hes out there stealing other people's money. help me spread this message and let everyone beware of him.

 Irish Guy    6/13/2015 2:42:39 PM    (IP :

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