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I’m John Kenney and I produce all Kinds of ID’s and Passports of all countries and they are confirmed legits, so if you need a birth certificate, social security card, identification card, driver’s license and passport, just contact me and i will see it done for You.

I have done so many ID’s and So many Passports of all countries for my clients. I can get You any ID or Passport of your choice, be it U.S Passport, Canadian Passport, EU Passports, UK Passports, Australian Passport and New Zealand Passport.

I have been in This ID/Passport Business for more than 2 decades and I’m very popular, just search me out on using my email. I’m very trust-worthy and have so many clients.



Email –
Skype – John.Kenney571
Phone – +66806341239

Thank's John, The florida drivers license you sent me last week, arrived yesterday noon. now i can get a Job with It and get my life back together. thank's

 Benjamin Xavier    7/14/2015 11:31:28 AM    (IP :

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